(Came from here: NyeusiWiki: Higher Nyeusi)



Beginning of the Nyeusi


Matriarch of the Lunar Vampires


Found by Zadre as a child


Kalika, ?, Silver, ?, Kendra, ?, Katama, Jazilyn


Triste (formed Triste witches)


Leben (created with Cera), Jessica (carries Siete's blood from her mother)

Siete and his twin Triste were abandoned at birth, they were found by Leona and Zadre who raised them. As he grew his parents powers were entrenched into himself, and he was taught to feed on mortal beings, locking his mother's immortality into his mortal form. By the time Siete reached adulthood he was able to easily manipulate his powers, and began to experiment. He began sharing his immortal blood with mortals, thus creating the first lunar vampires.

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